Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Artist Bio

Bonne Bedingfield's love for art began somewhere between conception and birth. As a child, she was surrounded by creative people. Her father was a syndicated political cartoonist, her mother an artist in her own right. Adding to the gene pool of creativity were two older siblings, both of whom are disgustingly talented human beings. This collection of family members inspired Bonne to live a life of artistic innovation.

From childhood,whenever Bonne was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she answered without hesitation, "I want to be an artist!". As she grew older, the response changed from "That's great!" to, "You know you can't make a living doing that". This only encouraged Bonne to work harder.

It was not until high school that Bonne discovered painting was indeed her true calling. She attributes this revelation to her older brother, David, who became her high school art teacher. One might consider this a blessing or a curse. Luckily for Bonne, it was bigger than a blessing. Not only did David share with her the knowledge he had accumulated over the years, but he pushed her to become bigger, better and more confident in her expressions.

Bonne attended Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia from 1999-2003 where she had intense experience with new forms of design. Under the tutilege of Frances de la Rosa, Bonne explored different types art, primarily the abstract and the conceptual a la Kandinsky. Bonne thrived in this new environment, freed of her artistic inhibitions.

After graduating from Wesleyan, Bonne married her long time love, Jason. This resulted in another meeting of artistic minds. Jason's mother was also an artist. Shortly after graduation, his mother, Debbie, offered for Bonne to take over her art studio allowing Bonne to be a working artist. Bonne took over the Art Works Studio in Carrollton, Georgia and was able to teach art during the day and paint at night. During this time, she had her first professional gallery experience at Jackalope's Art Gallery.

Bonne now lives in Newnan with Jason and their three year old daughter. Her work has continued to evolve over the years as her style swings between abstraction and realism. She refers to herself as the "bi-polar artist", in a good way of course. This she attributes to her parents - you would have to know David and Rosalyn to understand, harmoniously dissident. A delicate balance that best describes the artist's work.

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